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পড়াশুনার ক্ষেত্রে মোটামুটি সকলেরই American English এবং British English এর পার্থক্য ও বানান নিয়ে একটু না একটু ঝামেলা ভোগ করতে হয়। তাই আমাদের প্রয়োজনীয় কিছু  American English এবং British English এর পার্থক্য দেওয়া হলো যা সকলের উপকারে আসবে। 


American English

British English

A An agent (broker) A factor
An airplane An aero plane
Aisle Gangway
Aluminum Aluminium
An apartment A flat
An appetizer (before the meal) A starter
An appointment An engagement
Archeology Archaeology
B A babysitter A child-minder
Bad luck Hard line
Bad manners Bad form
Baked potato Jacked potato
The bathroom The loo, toilet
A Band- Aid An Elastoplast
A bank teller A cashier
A bedspread A duvet
Bell boy (hotel) Page
Bill (money) Note
Billion Milliard
Bleachers Terrace
Built-in In-built
Bus Coach
Busy (phone) Engaged
C To call (on the phone) To ring
Candy Sweets
Car crash Car smash
Catalog Catalogue
A check A cheque
Checkers (game) Draughts
Chips Crisps
Clipping (from a newspaper) Cutting
Color Colour
A cookie A biscuit
An officer A copper
Corn Maize
A commercial An advertisement
A crib (baby bed) A cot
A curb A kerb
D Delayed (late) Held up
Department Faculty
Department head Consultant
Dessert Afters
A detour A diversion
A diaper A nappy
A doorbell A bell push
A drugstore A chemist
A duplex A semi-detached house
An elevator A lift
The emergency room The casualty
An eraser A rubber
F Favorite Favourite
Scholarship Bursary
First floor Ground floor
A flashlight A torch
A flight attendant An airhostess
Freeway Motorway
Freezer Cold store
French fries Chips
G Game Match
Garage sale Boot sale
Garbage dump Midden
Garbage man, Trash man Dustman
Gasoline/ Gas Petrol
Good many, Large number Good few
Glue Gum
Graduate Pass out
Gray Grey
H Headlights (car) Headlamp
High school Grammar school
Honor Honour
Humor Humour
Hungry Peckish 
J Jail Goal
Jelly Jam
Jewelry Jewellery
K Kindergarten  Infant’s school
L Ladybug Ladybird
Law offices Chambers
Leather Hide
Legal age Full age
Library card Library ticket 
License plate Number plate
Living room Lounge
Lunch box Piece-tin
M Mail Post
Mailbox Postbox
Mail carrier Postman
Math Maths
Memo/Voucher Chit
Mirror Glass
Mold Mould
Movie Film
Movie theater Cinema
N Napkin Serviette
Nominate Adopt
Notebook Jotter
O Oven Cooker
Overalls Dungaress
P Package Bundle
Pajamas Pyjamas
Pants Trousers
Paper towel Kitchen towel
Parking lot Car park
Peanuts Monkey nuts
Pitcher Jug
A police officer A copper
Principal Headmaster
Private school Public school
Public library Lending library
Public school State school
Purse Handbag
R Raincoat Mackintosh/Mack 
Repair Mend
Robe Dressing gown
Rubber boots Gum boot
S Sand box Sand pit
Security deposit Key money
Sell Log
Shampoo Hair wash
Shopping basket Rolley
Sir Squire
Sneakers Pumps
Squash Marrow
Steering wheel Driving wheel
Stingy Mean
Sweater Jumper
T Take-out (food) Take-away
Talk show Chat show
Telephone Blower
Telephone booth Call box
Traffic jam Tailback
Transmission Gear box
Tire Tyre
Toothpick Cocktail stick
Trailer Caravan
Trash Rubbish
Trash bag Bin liner
Truck Lorry
U-Z Umbrella Brolly
Undershirt Vest
Underwear Pants, knickers
Vacation Holy day

পোস্টটি ভাল লাগলে শেয়ার করে অন্যকে জানতে সাহায্য করুন।

এবং পোস্ট সম্পর্কিত যেকোনো প্রশ্ন বা পরামর্শ থাকলে মন্তব্য করুন।

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